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  1. bereave:使某人丧失(尤指亲属) bereave sb of sb an accident which bereaved him of his wife 使他丧失妻子的事故

  the bereaved husband 死了妻子的男人

  the bereaved 丧失亲人的人


  deprive:take sth away from sb;prevent sb from enjoying or using sth 剥夺 sb/sth 的 sth;阻止某人

  享有或使用 sth

  deprive sb/sth of sth

  deprive of one's civil rights 剥夺某人的公民权 deprivation(n):剥夺;贫困;被剥夺的事物 widespread deprivation 普遍贫困

  Missing the holiday was a great deprivation.错失假日是极大的损失。

  deprived(adj):贫困的,穷苦的 deprived childhood 贫苦的童年

  2. abdomen:part of the body below the chest and diaphragm,containing the stomach. 腹部

  abdominal(adj) 腹部的 an abdominal operation 腹部手术

  belly:(口)front of the human body from the waist to the groin;belly 肚子,胃

  with an empty belly 空着肚子

  in the belly of a ship 在船腹里

  belly out(动词用法):鼓涨,凸出 The wind bellied out the sails

  3.consecrate:devote sth/sb to or reserve sth/sb for a special (esp religious) purpose 把 sth/sb 献给

  sth/sb 做某种(尤其宗教)用途 consecrate sth/sb to sth

  consecrate one's life to the service of God,to the relief of suffering 献身于为神服务(解除世人痛苦) 的事业

  devote:give one's time,energy to sth/sb; dedicate 为某人付出,向某人奉献,献身于 devote

  oneself/sth to sb/sth

  devoted(adj):热爱的,非常忠实的,全心全意的 a devoted son 孝子

  She is devoted to her children. 她深爱她的孩子。 devotee(n):献身于某事物的人,热心者,某事物的迷恋者;某一宗派的拥护者 a devotee of sport devotion(n): devotion to sth/sb 深爱,忠心,忠诚

  4.evoke:bring to mind(a feeling,memory) 引起或唤起情感,记忆 produce or cause(a response ,reaction) 产生或引起(回应,反应) evocation(n):

  invoke:use as a reason for one's action 援用(sth)为行动依据或理由

  beg for sth by praying 以祷告祈求某事物

  The government has invoked the Official Secrets Act in having thebook banned.政府援引国家机密保


  invocation(n): invocation to sb 求助于神或法律


  习语:get into a groove 养成某种生活习惯



  newly furrowed fields 刚犁过的田地

  6.prowl:小心的悄悄移动;悄悄行经(某处);~ about/around 徘徊

  wild animals prowling in the forest 在森林里轻轻行走的野兽

  I could hear him prowling around in his bedroom all night.我听到他整夜在卧室里踱来踱去。


  bands of hooligans roving round the streets 成群结伙在街上游荡的流氓

  习语:have a roving eye 时刻寻找着调情或做风流事的机会


  The old bus jolted along 旧公共汽车颠簸而行

  jolt sb into/out of sth:使某人受到震惊而采取某种行动

  He was jolted out of his lethargy and into action when he realized he had only a short time to finish the article.他意识到须在很短的时间里就得把文章写完,立即振作精神写起来。





  scoop sth out \up 铲出,挖出

  shovel:用铲铲进 shovel sth into

  10.:sue 对某人提起诉讼,控告某人 sue sb for sth 控告某人要求 sth

  If you don't complete the work, I will sue you for damages.如果你不把工作做完,我就要控告你支付 赔偿。

  sue for sth (常用于法庭上)请求 sue for peace 请求和解

  indict:(就某事)控告,起诉或告发某人 indict sb for sth

  He was indicted for murder.他被控杀人。

  11.status:地位 身份 职位 situation:状况,处境,局面,形势 位置 situation comedy 情景喜剧


  1. bandit: member of a gang of armed robbers 土匪 强盗 banditry(n):盗匪行径 brigand:(旧)土匪,强盗(尤指在山林中抢劫旅客的)

  2. commemorate :keep a great person or event in people‘s memories 纪念(伟人,大事件等); 指(雕像,纪念碑等)作为对某人某事的纪念

  We commemorate the founding of our nation with a public holiday。我们放假一天以庆祝国庆。

  This memorial commemorates those who died in the war。这座纪念碑是纪念战争中的牺牲者的。 celebrate:mark (a hapy or important day,event)with festivities and rejoicing 庆祝,祝贺 celebrated(adj):著名的,驰名的

  3. defile:(文或修辞)make sth dirty or impure 使某物肮脏或不纯

  rivers defiled by pollution 受污染的河流

  (特) march in single file or a narrow column 指部队单行或纵队前进


  infect:(尤用于被动语态)使某人/某物传染,感染,污染某人/某物 infect sb/sth with

  The laboratory animals had been infected with the bacteria。实验室的动物都已受到这种细菌的感 染。

  infection(n):~ with sth 传染,感染 the infection of the body with bacteria 身体受细菌侵染。

  4. deviation:(~ from sth ) not following the normal or expected course、plan 偏离正;蛟 的路线,计划 ;偏差

  deviation from the rules 违背规则

  deviate(v):(~ from sth )偏离路线,标准;背离


  delegate:(~ sb to sth )挑选或委派某人作代表;挑选或委派某人执行;将(权利、职责) 委托给下级,授权给;

  delegate sb to a conference 委托某人作代表出席会议

  The new manager was delegated toreorganize the department。派这位新经理重新组织该部门。 The job had to be delegated to an assistant。这项工作得交给助手去做。 delegation(n):代表,委托

  5. fortitude:(在痛苦、危险或困难面前表现出的)勇气、坚韧和自制力

  He bore the pain with great fortitude。他以极大得毅力忍受了痛苦。


  He showed remarkable endurance throughout his illness。他生病得整个过程都表现出非凡的忍耐 力。

  (特)endurance 作定语 endurance test 耐力测验

  endurable(adj)可忍耐的,可容忍的 enduring(adj)持续的,持久的

  6. inconsolable:that cannot be comforted 不能安慰的,无法慰藉的

  The children were inconsolable when their father died。这些孩子因为丧父而悲伤不已。 console sb on/for sth 安慰,慰问某人 Nothing could console him when his pet died。 consolatory(adj):安慰的,慰问的

  depress(v):make sb sad and without enthusiasm 使某人忧愁、消沉、沮丧;将某物压下,推 下,拉下;(尤指贸易)不活跃,不景气

  Wet weather always depresses me。我在阴雨天总是心灰意懒。 depress a piano key 按下钢琴键

  depress sales 使销售额下降

  depressed(adj):忧愁的,沮丧的,消沉的 depressing(adj):令人忧愁的,使人沮丧的

  7. nibble:(~ at sth)小口咬某物,轻咬;对(好意,提议)谨慎的表示有意接受

  fish nibbling (at) the bait 鱼轻咬鱼饵

  He nibbled at my idea, but would not make a definite decision。他对我的想法颇感兴趣,但不做 出决定。

  bite:(~ into sth) 咬某人(某物)

  She bit into the apple。她咬了一口苹果。

  8. pageant:盛装的游行,露天演出的历史剧;壮丽的场面,伟观



  (习语)make an exhibition of oneself(贬)当中出丑,出洋相

  9. scourge:(用以打人的)鞭子;(比喻)引起灾害的事物或人


  The new boss was the scourge of the inefficient。新老板来了以后,不称职的人就遭殃。

  disaster:灾难,灾祸;失败;(口语)彻底失败的人或事物 As a teacher, he is a disaster。他是个很糟糕的教师。 disastrous(adj):灾难性的,造成灾害的,失败的

  10. tumble:使某人倒下或坠落(尤指身不由己或猛劲儿),但通常并无重伤

  tumble down the stairs 从楼梯上摔下


  fall down/over :倒下(尤指突然间),倒塌

  fall away/off 向下倾斜

  fall into sth 进入某种状态,变成







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